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(Official starting date this website hit the world is January the first, A.D. 2006)

First, let me show you all out there a little about the country and the nature where I live and fish. Visitors are strongly recommended to look through the sections below before you go any further. In fact it's compulsory.

Sweden and Blekinge Where is Sweden? Isn't that the country with all the Alps? See for yourself.
Fly fishing for pike, my style Why should I bother to find that out, one may wonder...



Fishing Diary

First, my intention was to publish monthly summaries of my fishing.  But soon it seemed that I already have changed my mind a little. Apparently we will start with a diary after all...
Let's see how it will work out.  I'm very grateful for response. If you don't like what you see and/or read, please write it down carefully and in full details and send it to the Internet Ombudsman. If you on the other hand like it, please mail it to your friends and neighbours.


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OK this is NEW!

Due to circumstances I will make a new try with this English spoken fishing diary. Starting now. The first year of this new Decade. But I will try to make the writing short and concentrate on pictures and even short videos.

A picture can lie more than a thousand words, right? That's why I gathered all my contributions on Youtube here: Fishing on youtube




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