Weather: Sunny and calm. A very weak sea breeze in the afternoon from south west. Hot.

The water level almost normal.









It's a beautiful day




Not that I think anyone noticed, but I have had some difficulties with my web hotel lately. They had made some changes in the hard ware if I understand it correctly. They migrated my files to another platform. Or hotel room. But they didn't tell me that they'd changed the host address. So for a couple of weeks I gladly uploaded some entries in my diary but unfortunately I did that to the old, inactive server so nobody noticed it. But a couple a days ago I managed to fix that problem and suddenly, two new diary entries were made visible for the world out there. Or for you six or seven people...
Sure is true that there's a small world!
It's no big deal and nobody cares of course but for one thing. I made a little prediction about the Soccer World Cup's final match and in those fields dates are very important. I'm sure I'm not the only one to guess that it would be between Germany and Brazil. I hope I'm wrong because short after I'm writing this, I'm going to watch England playing Portugal. And I sincerely hope England wins. 
(Later: No, England lost!) 
Now to today's fishing. I cheat a little with the first picture:

It was taken another day. A few days ago when nothing special happened so I just skip that day. 
But this is what it looks like when I'm on out on the Baltic sea blazing away.

But one thing that is wrong with the picture is that today it was dead calm. 
That in combination with a hot summer sun is the worst fishing weather you could imagine. It is as good as impossible to get the pikes to bite. No matter what season it is, you would do better stay at home or like now, in summer, spend the day bathing, sunning and reading or whatever you like to do. When you're on a summer vacation, that is.

They say that the world is globalized these days, whatever that means. I thought that the world and the globe was practically the same thing. But I have a hint and a notion what it means. For instance this very web site is part of it.
It's directed to the whole world. 

And of course the very medium I'm using, the Internet must be one of the key-words when you're talking about globalization.  Last time I wrote a little about Venice but I have not even been to Italy. Nor almost any other countries either. Not in person that is. But in the future, when history is written of our time,  I think that Internet will be compared to... to... Electricity? Radio? TV? The can-opener?
Furthermore, I think we are only at the beginning. But it sure is fantastic that practically anyone with a computer can address, again practically, all the countries of the world. There are some activities that is common for most peoples and countries and crossing all borders. Like football and music. And when I'm done you surely can include fly fishing for pike as well!

Or am I just using the Internet to show off my catches?
Judge for yourself but the picture to the right may cause anyone to be highly suspicious!

But don't be too impressed. Don't forget that the Internet also can be used by a lot of shady individuals and even criminals. There's a lot of fakes and frauds going on as well.  And this photographer of mine... 
Well, he has a lot of tricks and cheats going on... 
For instance when making things look bigger than they actually are. But I'm not saying that he has cut out a picture of a big pike from another photo and pasted it onto my left hand. No, he isn't that good when it comes to editing the photos. All he can do is cut the picture and de- and increase the size of it. The photo, not the pike in it.

The pike weighed about five Swedish kilos. I'm not saying "only" 5 kg for under these hard conditions it was a bit of an achievement even to get a strike.  
And I got even two other pikes. But I had considerably more followers. And I don't mean persons taking up pike fly fishing after reading this, but pikes just following the fly in the water.  Only three struck and three I landed.  But I don't mind. It's almost as fun just watching them coming close, close behind the fly in exactly in the same pace as the it. I can tell by that behavior that they haven't the slightest notion to bite. They somewhat just can't resist following after it, but strike... No, not today. Not when the sun is shining and there's absolutely 

not even a rustle or ripple on the surface of the water. But I know where they live and I went down in size of the fly. Just like when fishing salmon in a low water river, it can pay off to use a smaller fly. Wasn't it John Fogerty who sang "Fishing all over the world"? Or something like that. When talking about globalization. I'm not much of a traveler but there are some ways of fly fishing that I would like to try sometime. One is the fishing over flats for - I don't know what they are called - fish. Them Florida flats and fast swimming, mackerel -related tropical fish. Wading around in the hot sun intensely spying for them quick and shy buggers...
It is said to be very hard and demanding and you got to be extremely careful not to scare them away. I'd like to try that one day.  

But I don't think that'll ever happen. But fishing for pike in the hot Swedish summer sun isn't too bad either. And it's much cheaper.
And that's what this pike fly fishing thing is all about. That you can do it at home. I mean fly fish. You don't have to fly fish for fish with spots and fat fins! 
Forget that!
No matter what country you live in, surly you have some water with fish in it? 
It may be a lake or river or pond or sea or ditch but surely there swims a fish or two?
And they eat, right?
And surely you can tie an imitation of that fish's food, right?
So what are you waiting for? Just do it and start to cast. 
And like the Beatles said; A splendid time is guaranteed for all.

I remember one day long ago when I went down to a little lake just to test a new line. A sinking line to that and a couple of flies. 
And do you know what I caught that day? I mean different species.
You don't?
Pike, perch, roach, rudd, bleak and even some big breams. On different types of flies of course. That just shows the potential of fly fishing.

Its a beautiful day, right. Of course I refer to that San Francisco band of the Flower Power era. If I should pick out one album that, in my opinion, best shows that unique but alas, too short period of creativeness and mixing different music styles and genres, it would be their "Marrying maiden" album from 1970. 
That was all for today. I hope this nice and fine summer weather continues and you won't hear me complain of the heat and eventually bad fishing. Mainly because I won't make a diary of a day's fishing without a fish. I'm on a lazy holiday taking the days as they come.

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