Weather: In the morning, some rather strong wind from the West and cloudy. It had rained the day before and during the night. About midday the wind lessened and almost stopped. Then it changed direction to south west. The clouds almost scattered.

During my fishing vacation the water level shifted between -30 to -20. Today it was about -15.








Rite of Spring



Seldom did I come up with a more appropriate headline than the above standing. Here in Sweden it certainly is spring right now. In fact the weather is almost tropical and has been so for the last week. From early spring, almost winter till a high summer's day in just a few days. Up till now I had completely stopped all fishing. The fishing vacation I mentioned earlier because of the fisherman's curse, that horrible garfish. 
In fly fishing circles, there exist another kind of Fisherman's curse, I'm aware of. Some kind of very small insect, hard to imitate on a hook if I remember it correctly. 

And what is more suitable than to Get Things Done when you're on a vacation? 
Like sorting out last season's different findings of litter and debris along the shores of eastern Blekinge.
Here they are!
A nice eight piece collection of lost plastic lures of various kinds, a spoon, some rubber fish and a couple of ugly flies.  
How a spoon could float ashore still baffles me.
The big flies I saw lying on the bottom. One was even fasten to a long shooting head fly line I almost tripped on.  But all is well that burns well, as the saying goes.

And these items surly do. 
Maybe with the exception of the spoon but can it float it might as well burn, I reasoned.


Now back to that old tradition of making a little Rite of Spring in the back of one's garden.  A little burnt offering to please the gods. Or the God. Or even shorter; God.  Who is He? And how can you be sure that He is a he and not a she? I know this is burning and really hot stuff nowadays and how very easy it is to trod on someone's tender religious toe in these holy matters. But, what amazes me is why all these new gods? What's wrong with the originally ones? Where did they go wrong?
Or how all the religious people can be so sure that just their God is the only one. If we keep to the Western World we have three dominating Gods; God, Jehovah and Allah. Although it's easy to think they together form the Holy Trinity it is not so.  No, let's just leave these modern gods and go back in time!

After a bit of thinking, considering what's about in the world these last years, I came to the conclusion that Poseidon rules. Who is called the Earth Shaker? Who is the God of the Sea? Who makes underwater earth quakes that in turn, causes big tsunamis?
Who decide which wind will blow, the most important factor in fishing for me? 
Yes Poseidon!
And of course we fishermen should stick to a God of the sea, right?
And he likes the stench of burnt rubber and melting plastic. The more the better. 
And today the fire really smoked, fumed and smelled a lot! 
But how do I know all this?
Because today he showed up! Yes, He showed himself for me in all His might and splendor in the little village of Gagnekulla, far from ancient Achaia or Hellas. 
He was a God with a message. He told me things.  Like if we people didn't stop to pollute his waters and kill all his fish he was going to get really sore. When he thrust His mighty token of His power, the Trident in the rock bottom of the deepest sea, the world really will rock and roll, he told me.
So beware you fish killers of all nations! Very stern and condemning he appeared to be, starting almost every sentence with the traditional Godlike "I say unto thee!"  
But me he likes. 
Catch and release and a respectful approach to fishing; yes he can buy that. Then He's brow darkened and He shook His mighty Trident so the whole of Gagnekulla trembled and he exclaimed:
-Damn that awful and disgusting thing that is called Trolling! I set a curse on you! Beware next time you dare out on the ocean! That is against all nature and should be prohibited! Haven't I told you; one rod a person at a time! Driving around wasting fuel hour after hour and using mechanical Fishfinders! It's cheating to say the least! And in many cases selling their catch! But I will set a stop for you! Beware next time, I say unto thee!
Then he grumbled and muttered for a while and I had to put the last jerkbait on the fire in a hurry to make him calm down.  
Then he turned his fisheye on me and asked to see one of my flies and I had to get in the house to fetch a couple. He looked at them for a while and then he shook his head and mumbled for himself. Then he said: 
"Aha... Now I see... No wonder I got so much complaint of this thing from my fish friends. They say that they can't resist it and are very frustrated about it. Now, I can understand why... Yes, a pretty good piece of work you done there, son. Of course I should destroy both you and your fly with a mighty flash of lightning. And I can do it, have no doubt of that! But then again; I really love the idea of catch and release...  But those things you put on top of the fire sure smelled good! So why don't you just run along and continue with what you're doing? I might even grant you good fishing next season if that's what you want? I say unto thee, I mean.
-Why, thank you, Great Poseidon, King of the Sea! I said and bowed. May I just ask for another favor?
-It is "May I just ask for another favor, o Great Poseidon!"
-All right! All right! O Great Poseidon, will you do that?
-Well, I have these problems with bulls... On some islands here about, they're a real pest and a threat and I think you know how to solve that, o Great Poseidon. 
-Why's that? Horses, not bulls are my favorite animals. On the contrary I only had bad memories of bulls.
-How about the Minotaur? Wasn't he Your son, or something? O Great Poseidon?
-What's with the world today? ! No, wrong! Don't you read your Greek Mythology, any more?  Here's what really happened:
OK, the Minotaur was a fabulous monster of Crete that had the body of a man and the head of a bull. It was the offspring of Pasiphae, the wife of Minos , and a snow-white bull sent to Minos by me for sacrifice. Minos the dirty son of a bitch, instead of sacrificing it, kept it alive! How do you like that! It's a scandal, to say the least! Course I got mad and as a punishment I made Pasiphae fall in love with it. Her child by the bull was shut up in the Labyrinth created for Minos by Daedalus. And...
-OK, that's enough! But can you do it? O Great Poseidon, I mean.
-Course I can. I'm a God, right? So from now on, the bulls won't attack you! Go in peace on the island of Hasslö and the bulls will shy away from you! Now be off for I have some godly things to attend to.
-Can I get my flies back, please, o Great Poseidon?
And that was that. To be honest the smoke made me dizzy and gave me a headache but that it all was a dream I certainly deny! 
No to the latest fishing.
Which isn't so much to write about. Despite good weather I just managed to catch two ordinary sized pikes. Also I wanted to find about if the garfish had calmed down. Which in fact, it appeared to. I only felt a couple of tugs on the line and saw a few small, easy recognizable whirls. 

On the way home I thought that Poseidon had to do a better job. If he wont deliver he can forget all about a rite of spring next year. Not for him anyway. There are more gods than him, I mean. We have a local just around the corner. And he has a very strong connection with fishing. 
Well, he can be a little untrustworthy at times but who isn't?
With these few hints, I'm sure you all know who I'm talking about.
Yes, that little Trickster Loki, of course! He's the Man! Or God. 
We all remember how He on one special occasion when he needed a little peace and quiet turned himself into a salmon.

So maybe next year He will help me to catch a few more sea trout or rainbow trout. But Poseidon, if you read this, you still have the rest of the year to prove you are worthy me worshipping you... So be a good God and we'll see... And I don't want to hear a word that this is a kind of cheating, taking help from high places! At least it won't pollute the water.

Datum Art Vikt Bete Vadande Flugspö Fluglina Väder Tid Död Anmärkning
2006-05-19 Gädda 1,5 Vit Gäddsara Ja AFTM 5 Flytlina Frisk V, mulet 09:00 Nej
2006-05-19 Gädda 3 Vit Gäddsara Ja AFTM 5 Flytlina Svag SV, mulet 13:00 Nej


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