Weather: First a clear sky and a little frost in the morning. Then some clouds and threatening rain but it cleared up. The sun broke through more and more and it all ended up as a sunny day. Heavy winds from the west from the beginning.

Low water but only about -5 or so. 









A normal day on the coast




But what is normal anyway? It's only a statistical object and thus very easy to manipulate.
Speaking of liars and frauds... About the last entry in my journal, blog or plog or whatever it's called, I did make a mistake. Well, maybe more than one but one of a technical kind. It wasn't a joke that I may have this problem with my web hotel. It is being, or already have been sold to another party and I don't know what that will lead to. But one of the photos didn't show up in its proper place. I had trouble with the uploading of it and was in a hurry and didn't check it up.  Luckily enough a kind reader from California reminded me of it. And it was the most important picture at that. Without it, the headline became quite impossible to understand, for instance. But now it is in the right place and you may look at it again.
When standing there out in the water today, I came up with this brilliant idea of a new name for this website. From the beginning I called it International with the obvious intent to reach out to all countries. Like someone said: Yesterday Gagnekulla, today Sweden but tomorrow the World!
But why not call it Internetional!?
You know, like in the Internet! In my humble opinion I think it would've made a marvellous name.  But I don't intend to change the name so I give it away for free.
But the concept of conquering the world appears to be a very slow process if one at all. The Internet Ombudsman tells me that there's only a few readers out there but that's all right. I know there's like a zillion websites out there. 
I like to think of a website as a baited hook or a mousetrap. You load it with a tasty bait, throws out the line and then you wait. And wait.
The tastier and fresher the bait, the more strikes you get, right?
Last time I loaded the trap with a big fat surefire bait that certainly will make a big attraction for a special audience. 
I'm convinced that I got myself at least one new steady reader because of my little President Bush joke last time. Maybe a whole organization at that; the CIA. Or is it FBI? Just now, I got this even more brilliant idea to get me a whole new bunch of readers. 
I merely print these names: Al Quaida, Usama bin Laden! 
Ah, there you go! I sense how suddenly hundreds of webspiders and searchprograms stop, lift theirs pointed little heads and start sniffing. Then they all at once set out in a hurry, their noses to the ground in my direction! 
And from this moment I got myself a whole new set of visitors and readers from a lot of different  secret services or governmental agencies . 

So why not take the opportunity to present these brand new variation of my White Pike Sara for both old and new readers.  And yes, a very special welcome to all you new visitors from CIA and FBI and all other little known agencies from other countries out there!
Take the  a close look at these three, newly tied flies!
Drool over the colors! 
Gasp at the tiny little hooks! 
Marvel at the ingenious way they are attached to the wire leader!
Above all, admire the way they are tied!
That is what I think is the best with my flies. 
This way you can use an ordinary hook and don't need the heavier long shank streamer hook model. 

These flies I made to be specially light. Lately I got the idea to go back to my AFTM # 5, ten feet fly rod. 
The mission in my fly fishing life regarding fly tying is to make the lightest possible fly that looks the absolutely biggest in the water.

About the colors I don't think they are crucial. But I like to mix in different kinds of glitter and flash. And they have a real function too both to make the fly to appear bigger and to protect the core of ostrich herl. These synthetic fibers are more withstanding against the pikes many and sharp teeth than natural materials. But I still call them  White Pike Sara. Maybe with the appendix Bling-Bling Series.
A study shows that all kinds of predator fish strike at the head of their unhappy prey. Thus you can make the wing of the fly as long as you can handle. And you can surly trust that study because I was the one who made it!

Here is one proof that the whole concept works. A five kilo pike taken on the #5 rod and a size 6 little hook.
The main reason I fish light is the great feeling you get when the pike strikes. 
Even an ordinary two kilo pike appears big and fun with the light equipment. And that is my main goal with my fishing; to have fun. 

To get back to today's headline the statistic table tells you that today was a pretty normal day. Left my home in Gagnekulla at seven o'clock, drove away down to the coast and visited three different places during the day. Two out of three places gave me some fish. Had to stop fishing at four in the afternoon or 16:00 as we say here in Sweden.
And the outcome in fish caught was pretty normal:
A couple of ordinary sized pikes and a little bigger one to top the whole day off. But a five kilo pike I don't get every day so there you go again...
But I think I had a normal portion of fun and well being and that is what counts.

Well so much for this time but before I close the shop, maybe i should make clear what I mean by conquering the world. We don't want no silly misunderstandings here, specially with this new cadre of secret readers! It is of course to spread the gospel of... Oh, sorry... Not that word! Eh... The good news that it is not only possible but very thrilling and fun to fly fish for pike and the peace loving message of catch and release.  

Datum Art Plats Vikt Bete Vadande Flugspö Fluglina Väder Tid Död Anmärkning
2006-04-19 Gädda  Ställe 1 1,5 One Size fits all Ja AFTM 5 Flytlina F-h V, sol 09:30 Nej
2006-04-19 Gädda  Ställe 1 2,5 One Size fits all Ja AFTM 5 Flytlina F-h V, sol 10:00 Nej
2006-04-19 Gädda  Ställe 1 2,5 One Size fits all Ja AFTM 5 Flytlina F-h V, sol 11:00 Nej
2006-04-19 Gädda  Ställe 3 5 One Size fits all Ja AFTM 5 Flytlina F-h V, sol 15:00 Nej
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