Weather: Good Friday:
A cold and frosty morning. Then the sun shone all day long.
A breeze from the south, southwest blew.
Sea level: Around normal.

Easter Monday:
After a misty morning, mostly cloudy weather with some short showers.
A bit too calm though.
Sea level: A bit under normal.


Easter time fishing



The four days of Easter... Yes, four free days from work. I can take that. And the ice is breaking. Although "Breaking up is hard to do", springtime at last succeed in just doing that. One problem away. Another is the lack of pikes.
The Good Friday saw me coming home with just two of them. Well, I mean of course that I carry them entirely in my camera. Nowadays mostly in moving pictures and not photos.


A few words regarding my camera

It's a Panasonic DMC FT1. Probably outdated and considered old fashioned eons of time ago. I was forces to buy it as long time ago as last summer.
So you see... It's just SO not cool!
I mean that new cameras keep popping up faster and faster, the new one, better, cheaper and more advanced than the former in an acceleratory way.

The reason I had to get rid of my still older camera, was a little incident in July, last summer, I think.

I stood out waded in a little creek fishing. What else...?

Got on a pike of a good size, took out the camera and got on taking pictures. Just like I almost always do.
It is attached to a cord I carry around my neck of course.

Because of that it's usually no problem to let go of it. But this time the water was a little too deep and I happened to bend forward just a little too much.
So the camera took a bath. And it didn't like that one bit.
The day the camera died, I called it. A day of sorrow and anger, I can tell. It had been with me since October 2004 and had "cost me deep in the purse".

Because of that I decided that the next camera would be 100% waterproof. And this Panasonic is both shock and waterproof. Just like all things in life it has its pros and cons. The cons being that the shape makes it hard to get a grip on. And that the fingers accidentally push one or more buttons placed where the fingers also want to be. Mostly when I want to take a photo my left hand is occupied by a rod so I must operate the camera with just one hand. But now I'm getting used to it.
The little red button to the right is the filming button. I use that a lot.

The daily course in my days of fishing runs mostly in the same direction. First I drive my car to the first spot. Or is it place?
In my world of fishing it's an important word. "Ställe" in Swedish. The main ingredients are a good place to park the car. Then I usually go for a walk of various lengths. From say 100 meters up to two or three kilometres. If the distance's too long, I get too warm and sweaty in my waders and too short, I may get cold in the water. All depending on season and weather.
Then I fish and wade for some time. Not too short or I don't think it's worth my while. Often half a day. Then i go back to the car and drive to spot no 2 and from there home. Or sometimes to spot no 3.

OK, here's a steaming and reeking picture from spot no 2 Easter Monday:

It was just after a short drizzle and the sun showed itself for a short while. It almost looked like after a forest fire.
Here, on the coast there are lot of summer cottages. By the shore or next to it. No one lives in most of them in autumn, winter and the first part of spring. But now, in the Four Days of Easter, I saw lots of cars outside lots of summer houses. That meant I had to back down.
It's not comme il faut to walk through their gardens, down to the water, wade out and start to fish right in front of their windows. But the main reason is that I don't want to show them that there are fish in their creek. That might give them the wrong ideas about nets and other nasty things.

But I'm afraid the fishing here in Blekinge's gone bad. At least here where I live and fish, in the east part of it. Or it may be that it's I, that's got bad. But specially during last summer and part of last autumn, I booked less pikes than usual. And now the poor fishing seems to continue.

 OK this picture might show that I was over pessimistic. Or the videos might tell a different story.

Truth is I really struck gold on the third day, you might say.

The faith in fishing was resurrected on the third day... On the third spot...

In a little creek I discovered the pikes' secret hiding place.

In about an hour's time I landed four fine pikes.

Hm... Maybe I should start to use the English and American way of weighing my catch? In pounds instead of kilos?

Ten pounds must be heavier than five kilos, right?

So the biggest pike today and even this year, I booked to that ten pounds. Or it might as well have been eleven pounds because a pound is a little less than half a kilo, right 

And that's not all that happened in this little creek, I will not, under no circumstances tell where it is located. A really big, yes, huuuuuge pike, struck. But in an awkward moment. The cast was almost finished, I had the rod in position to start the new cast, behind my back. The fly lying almost still in the water. Then the pike choose to attack it. And I had no possibility to make a strike back. What is it called...? A back strike...? Or is it counter strike? Hm... That word seems a bit familiar...?
So after a few seconds the fish let go and swam away. I think it was a bit bigger than the one that stayed on.

  And now a short presentation of the video, illustrating this diary entry. Or the other way around, I don't know. But I do like to make these short films, depicting my fishing efforts.
All these new techniques make it so simple!
Well, comparatively to be honest.
It's not that easy but it's cheap. Principally it doesn't cost me a dime. Or penny. Or Swedish öre.
Come to think about it; what is the equality coin of an Euro called? Like a dime to a dollar or a penny to a pound?
Hm...? No, I don't think I ever heard or read about that... Strange...
But we, here in Sweden don't have the Euro so I suppose that's why.

OK, back on track again!
But I do realize that you must have a basic outfit consisting of a PC with an Internet connection and a camera capable of making movies. And those things are not for free.
But once you have those things it don't cost you more to be your own film producer.
Well, if time is money, you can call it expensive of course.

And time it takes to upload the movies I can tell. Mostly because often something goes wrong and you have to make another try. And each try takes several hours. I have figured it out that it has something to do with different kinds of formats. Exactly how I don't really know because sometime one format seems to work and then another time, the same format i completely out of the question. It's try and error all the time for my part.  

And to write in English takes double the time for me than to write in Swedish.

You know what else is secret? Besides the places and spots I do my fishing?
The way I shoot my movies.

People all over the world shake their heads in wonder and puzzlement. They may guess and they may ask but they will never know. Never!

Another thing: No living animal got hurt while making this movie. In fact, they really appreciated the fame and fee they got for their efforts and participation in the film.  

Here's my statistics table. In Swedish. And the weights are in kilos.

Fiskejournal 2010
Datum Art Vikt Bete Båt Vadande Flugspö Fluglina Väder Tid Död Anmärkning
2010-04-02 Gädda 2,5 Vit Gäddsara Nej Ja AFTM 5 Flytlina Sol, m SV 09:00 Nej
2010-04-02 Gädda 3,5 Vit Gäddsara Nej Ja AFTM 5 Flytlina Sol, m SV 09:30 Nej
2010-04-05 Gädda 2,5 Vit Gäddsara Nej Ja AFTM 7 Flytlina Mulet, svag SV 14:00 Nej
2010-04-05 Gädda 3,5 Vit Gäddsara Nej Ja AFTM 7 Flytlina Mulet, svag SV 14:20 Nej
2010-04-05 Gädda 3 Vit Gäddsara Nej Ja AFTM 7 Flytlina Mulet, svag SV 14:30 Nej
2010-04-05 Gädda 5 Vit Gäddsara Nej Ja AFTM 7 Flytlina Mulet, svag SV 14:45 Nej
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