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It began in a small way the 20th of October in the year 2008. A How To Tie A White Pike Sara. I wasn't to keen on making movies then.
Very slooow and nothing seems to happen. Maybe someday I will make a new one. A faster, more flashy variant. Short cuts.




Some weeks later I was on to it again. Thought it quite fun making movies and I made this to celebrate one of my all-time favourite flies for trout and rainbow trout.

The Black & Peacock Spider.

Then a year went by and I kind of got tired of my video camera. Big, heavy and clumsy and hard to carry around. And expensive. Although it was the smallest cam in the world then. And it's really hard to film yourself fly fishing, I can tell.

But then I had to get me a new camera. The old one didn't like to get wet. This one is both shock- and waterproof and like most new digital cameras, you can make films with it.


I tried to videotape out in my boat. Didn't work out too well though. But some moving pictures of me casting was the end result and I even remembered how to make it visible here on youtube.


A few months went by.

I had some very bad fishing in the fall of 09.
But then, one day a rather big pike happened to take my fly.

"Why not push the red button? Why not film the unusual event?" I asked myself and did.

Then the bad reputated "Me catching big pikes" saw the light of day.

I was considered the worst bad ass ever tried to release a pike caught!
A cruel and careless evildoer. Judge for yourselves.


But that didn't stop me. Obviously I just went on and on, making more short videos. Even the smallest, tiniest pike that ever made a splash, I had to make a big fuss about.

The main reason was that the more I filmed, the more I learned to clip and paste, add sound and text and so on.



And it just went on and on and on...

It was the same story told over and over again. But how can you do it otherwise? The same things happened when you are out fishing. Time and time again.

    On the left the last two films. The best so far. But not good.
Unfortunately the winter arrived. The worst in 20 years here in Sweden. Ice on the water. A frozen Baltic here in Blekinge. Quite impossible to fish.

When the spring finally comes I probably have forgotten how to make videos.

But that won't stop me from trying again, I can tell you.

Like a dangerous virus I will continue to infect the Internet and youtube!


So is my hope and expectation at least.


In the Year of 2010


Well, well, well... Yes, here is my new fly tying video for the new decennium! Published the 18th of march 2010.
Remember; it's the style of tying, the kind of hook and the ratio between wing and hook, that is important, rather than the materials and colours.


Above right: The soon forgotten "Much ado about nothing" from March 27, 2010. The second time I went out fishing that year.


    To the left the Easter Parade movie. Two days of fishing crammed into one ten minutes movie with some really low moments.

Below is the spacedemanding "It was a perfect day and I'm so glad I spent it with pikes"-movie. From the 8th of April 2010.





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