Weather: Heavy fog over Gagnekulla. But down on the coast it was thinner and more of a mist and the sight was quite good.

From the start the wind blew "lagom". The word "lagom" is a unique Swedish word that stands for "not too little and not too much". It's a word you all can learn a lot from, all you foreigners out there!

Sea water level: low. About 15 cm below normal.





Almost a perfect day


Or a "lagom" day. All things change and what was a truth yesterday will be a lie today. Last time I complained about the bad fishing nowadays, right?
Then you go out fishing another day and all things seem to be back to normal again. Wherever I went the pikes were there too.
But of course it was not entirely a coincidence or a random behaviour, nor from my part nor from the pikes'. I know where I have the best chances to find them. And today the weather was just right, perfectly right to make the pikes go for my fly.

But on the other hand, conditions also have been right on former fishing expeditions this spring and the pikes have been all but present. So there you go; pike fishing is still a mystery to me.
That's the story, that's the glory of my fishing life. Always you try to see a pattern, a way to make predictions of where the pikes are most likely to be found today. Then sometimes you got the impression that, yes, now I know! That is the secret of the behaviour and whereabouts of pikes!
The next moment you realize that the pikes obviously don't agree with that theory because that place is empty of the yellow-green predator fish. 

But today they were all over the place:

Here's a pike doing its famous imitation of a sailfish, doing a tail dance.

The camera set on "photo" this picture tells the not so true story of wild, crazy pikes, making heavy resistance a long time.

Nothing could be falser. Well, possibly my fishing stories...

But the truth is that pikes in the early spring are pretty phlegmatic, inert and listless.

Luckily it's the strike that counts. It's that moment that makes it worth at least my while.

What kind of fish is it? Is it big?

That's the best part. The thrill of it all. That's why I keep on fishing.
Is there a chance to catch other species than pike you foreigners may wonder.
Yes, would be the answer to that. Yes, now in spring there is.

Sea trout.

If you're lucky and if you go to the right spots or places. And if you're using another fly. Or, like in my case, you use a fly suitable for both pike and sea trout of course. The One Size Fits All variation. A smaller white pike sara with a shorter wing. 

By coincidence the two pictures of today consists of the two motifs that are by far, the most common here in my diaries since the beginning. 

As runner up, a close-up picture of one of my flies. Also a full screen, panorama photo of nature, landscape, coastline and so forth.

Carefully chosen not to expose a good fishing spot of course.

Rather silly of me, I agree, because all places around here, that is the coasts around the town of Karlskrona, are about equally good (or bad) regarding the presence of pikes.


When things go according to plan, there isn't so much to talk about. Today I struck gold and tomorrow I might go empty-handed towards my car, swearing and beating at the bushes with my rod and wading staff, having had not even one lousy bite the whole day.
Hm... Of course you may wonder how I could do that, empty-handed...

But on the other hand, life is full of mysteries.

        Be it as it may,
now over to the video of the day:


This time I succeeded in uploading the video in a higher resolution. That's why it takes so much space, I think.
This video I consider the best I've done. Very nice capture of a couple of fairly big pikes. No monsters but... nice... A capture of the soul of pike fly fishing...
And some wild animals as well. It's a masterwork.
A pity, I think. Why?
Because then, the next vid will be worse and who will make a sloppy job?

You have to remember that the self esteemed masterwork grade, only applies to my own vids. Because it's not that easy filming and fishing at the same time, I can tell you.

Some may wonder and some may ask,
how to I accomplish this difficult task.
Catching all them pikes, oh so big,
but how do I my camera rig?

Ha, ha, yes, well may you wonder until your faces turn all blue but I will never reveal my secret. Never!

  But one thing I can reveal, and that is that the second title of the video, is a Lou Reed quote: "Oh, it's such a perfect day and I'm so glad I spent it with pikes".

So why not use the possibility to share this perfect song with you all out there?

It's so easy to fall in love, as Buddy Holly rightly claims, with youtube. 


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