Weather: Rather nice today. Spring has come. Not much of a wind. Almost calm.
Clear, blue sky all morning. Then it got misty and cloudy. Rain and even thunder appeared.

Water level just above normal.


27 march, 2010





Small fry



I don't know if it's a good idea to try to write in English for all you foreigners out there. The Internet Ombudsman tells me I'm big in Russia and... Eh... Big in my world means more than one visit on my site, a week. I suppose we can thank Google for that. Translate with Google. A good service that may not be perfect but of course better than nothing.

Or is it the pictures? Or nowadays the short videoclips? Or is it that Fly Fishermen all over the world share the same language?
Be as it may but here we go:

But for today there isn't much to tell. Today was the second day of fishing this year. But last week the ice won. Too harsh conditions. Ice cold water, ice along the shore and floating ice made it almost impossible even to cast.  
Today though, the weather was much friendlier. Too much so though. Too much calm and too much sun made it almost impossible to catch even a small pike.

Here's a picture from the second spot or place I visited today.

My mind is set on filming nowadays and because of that I tend to forget taking ordinary photos.

But on the other hand, almost nothing special happened today.

Besides from the fact that today I got my first bites this year.

Small fry, just as the title says.

But still fish on the fly.

This is at still life picture, you can call it. Rod and reel. Reeds, stones and water. Musical references: Jimmy Reed, Rolling Stones and Muddy Waters!
Rod Stewart...? No...
OK, when he sang in the Jeff Beck Group way back in the late sixties. Ha, now we have drifted way out of line!

Back on track again:

Back to filming. Back to the "Much ado about nothing" movie from today.
But the fact that youtube even exists. That it just lies there, eagerly waiting for anything you can transfer to it, makes me want to film, clip and paste, search for music, try to make more or less funny remarks and at last, just let it hit the Internet. My ambition is to be the next big internet virus, infecting the whole World Wide Web, starting with youtube:)

Today's feature event is that I happened to catch, both a pike and a whole cast at the same time. I don't know if my meaning gets through the language barrier, but what I'm trying to say is that i managed  to have the camera running when the pike struck. A very small pike but that isn't my fault.

Why do I even bother to try to write about it?

The video talks for itself. And can you read it here, you can as well watch it. All takes place here on the Internet.

A pity that you can't actually fish here as well.
But eh... Well you can. But then it's called phishing.


That will be all for now. Keep it short, I said.

Here's the statistics table all in Swedish. Gädda means pike and the rest is numbers. 2 stands for two and so on.

Fiskejournal 2010
Datum Art Plats Vikt Bete Båt Vadande Från land Flugspö Fluglina Väder Tid Död Anmärkning
2010-03-27 Gädda place no 2 2 Vit Gäddsara Nej Ja Nej AFTM 7 Flytlina Sol, nästan lugnt 11:00 Nej
2010-03-27 Gädda place no 2 2 Vit Gäddsara Nej Ja Nej AFTM 7 Flytlina Mulet, nästan lugnt 12:00 Nej
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